The Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society is one of the oldest Photographic Societies in the country, having been formed in 1890, as the Richmond Amateur Photographic Society. The name was changed to Richmond Camera Club in 1893, to reflect the fact that the membership included professionals as well as amateurs. Between 1900 and 1915, a regular annual exhibition was held, with it resuming in 1920 and continuing every year since, with the exception of 1943.The Club amalgamated with the Twickenham Photographic Society in 1946, with the Society finally settling on its present title in 1965.

Five of the Society's Members have become Presidents of the Royal Photographic Society and many of our members are Licenciates, Associates or Fellows of the Royal Photographic Society, also holding other photographic distinctions. We are also members of the Surrey Photographic Association (SPA) and through them, are affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

We also regularly participate in PAGB and SPA events and competitions and links to these and other associations can be found on our Links page.

Presidents of the Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society

Founded in 1951 by the amalgamation of the Richmond Camera Club (founded 1890) and the Twickenham Photographic Society (founded 1938)

Richmond Camera Club
1890-1912 F. P. Cembrano FRPS
1912-1933 Dr G. H. Rodman Hon FRPS *
1933-1938 W. Sanderson
Twickenham Photographic Society
1938-1946 Dr S. D. Jouhar FRPS
1946-1948 C. W. Watkin ARPS
1948-1950 Dr S. D. Jouhar FRPS
Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society
1950-1952 J. E. P. Bardsley Hon FRPS *
1952-1954 W. G. Morris ARPS
1954-1956 H. S. Fry FRPS
1956-1957 C. H. Silver ARPS
1957-1958 P. R. S. Wilkinson Hon FRPS *
1958-1959 P. F. Shenton ARPS
1960-1962 P. R. S. Wilkinson Hon FRPS *
1962-1964 F. H. J. Sherborne ARPS
1964-1966 H. S. Fry FRPS
1966-1968 F. Long ARPS
1968-1970 G. Morris FRPS
1970-1972 J. Fagg ARPS
1972-1973 D. J. White ARPS
1973-1975 Miss N. Kelly ARPS
1975-1977 K. Evans ARPS
1977-1979 G. H. Richards
1979-1981 R. Donaldson
1981-1983 J. Lightfoot ARPS
1983-1985 G. Morris FRPS
1985-1987 Mrs. L. J. Phelps FRPS
1987-1989 R. Reynolds Hon FRPS *
1989-1991 D. J. White ARPS
1991-1993 J. Rosato
1993-1995 Mrs. M. Walters
1995-1997 R. O. Charnock
1997-1999 D. N. Baker ARPS
1999-2000 D. J. White ARPS
2000-2001 Mrs. P. J. Charnock FRPS
2001-2002 Ms. M. Gatter ARPS
2002-2003 L. Viner-Caudrey
2003-2004 L. B. Akid
2004-2005 B. Hughes
2005-2006 Miss M. Gatter ARPS
2006-2007 Mrs. A. V. Smith ARPS
2007-2008 M. R. Lackie LRPS
2008-2009 Mrs. P. J. Charnock FRPS
2009-2010 Dr. E. R. C. Draper LRPS
2010-2011 I. Rumbal LRPS
2011-2012 B. Rankin
2012-2013 R. Towell ARPS
2013-2014 P. Highton LRPS
2014-2015 F. Schwab ARPS

* indicates past president of the Royal Photographic Society

Compiled from research by M. Gatter, D. White, R. Charnock and L. Viner-Caudrey