September 2016 to September 2017

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September 2016
Date Day Event Venue
1stThuMore...The Experience of Creating Images
Vanda Ralevska
Vanda Ralevska is a London based photographer. She is a member of the Arena and Landscape Collective UK groups, and co-founder of 'Landscapes by Women', an online community connecting women landscape photographers around the world. Her work has been published and exhibited in the UK and abroad. Vanda is passionate about landscape photography. For her this is about uncovering the beauty that surrounds us, and that we often don't realise is there. She feels it is a beauty we can see if we take the trouble to look, and sometimes the camera can helps us along the way.
5thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
6thTueAwards & Distinctions Group St Lukes
8thThuMore...Atlantic to Mediterranean
Ken Scott
Ken Scott is a photographer, adventurer, speaker, and motivational photography coach from Sussex. He is a respected judge and appraiser on the camera club circuit and is influential in the training and development of judging practice. He is best known for his mountain landscape and light photography, covering over thirty-five years of walking in Britain, Corsica, the Pyrenees, North America and the Alps and he runs photography workshops and holidays in Spain and France. Ken's photographic repertoire covers a range of styles from intimate nature to abstract art. Since 2011 he has been to us several times, twice as a speaker and 3 times as a judge and we welcome him once again!
13thTueProjects Group St Lukes
15thThuMore...Sliding into Digital
Leo Rich
Leo is a recent President of the PAGB, a PAGB judge and a selector for National and International Exhibitions. He has been a 'club photographer' for many years and an avid entrant in photographic exhibitions throughout the World. In the past eight years he has amassed over 1000 acceptances, winning numerous medals, ribbons and awards in more than 30 countries on five Continents. He is in great demand throughout the UK as a speaker. He says he does not give lectures but 'talks' which, besides illustrating some of his work, also point out the idiosyncrasies he has experienced at the hands of photographic judges throughout his life. Leo judged for us in 2014 and we welcome him now for his 'talk'!
20thTuePictorial Group - Theme: Illustrate the film 'Star Wars'St Lukes
22ndThuMore...Design, pattern & colour in nature
Adrian Davies
Adrian Davies is a wildlife and natural history photographer whose pictures have appeared in many books and magazines and whose work is held by several picture agencies. He was one of the first people in the UK to use a digital camera over 20 years ago (the mighty Kodak DCS100) and has been an advocate of digital imaging ever since. He is an author and experienced lecturer and has run workshops for organizations such as Nikon, the British Institute of Professional Photographers, the Royal Photographic Society, the Field Studies Council, the Royal Horticultural Society and others. Adrian last came to RTPS in 2012 when he impressed us with his talk, so we welcome him back for more!
27thTueOpen Evening for Prospective New MembersVH
29thThuPrint Analysis
Paul Graber LRPS
October 2016
Date Day Event Venue
4thTueNature Group St Lukes
6thThuMore...Portrait Photography
Douglas Kurn
Douglas Kurn is a corporate, portrait and fine art photographer based in London. Specialising in quirky character based portraits he has been creating images for over 10 years. Despite massive global homogenisation, Douglas is fascinated by how different and unique we all are, and finds something that is worth photographing in everyone. Douglas has won many awards for his work including 3 times in the AOP (Association of Photographers) awards, and 3 times in the Photography Masters Cup, which is a leading international award honouring colour photography. He was also highly commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2007.
10thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
11thTueTable Top Group St Lukes
13thThuCritique evening for MembersKCC
18thTuePost Processing Group St Lukes
20thThuMore...Wildlife Photography
Andy Skillen
Andy Skillen is an award winning wildlife photographer. He supplies his images to books, magazines and other media through his company, Fauna Vista LLP, and produces limited edition fine art prints for galleries and private collectors. 50% of the profits of his company go to supporting conservation projects in the wild. Earlier this year Andy spent more than a month in the Canadian arctic on a commission from BBC wildlife to photograph polar bears and their cubs at their dens. Andy has numerous awards and commendations in several prestigious events, including Sony World Photographer of the Year, National Geographic Photo of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year and Winner of the Zoological Society of London Photographer of the Year. Be sure not to miss!
25thTueMonochrome GroupSt Lukes
27thThuPDI Analysis
Nick Scott, FRPS, MPAGB
November 2016
Date Day Event Venue
1stTueNature Group St Lukes
3rdThuMore...My Fellowship and Beyond
Linda Wevill, FRPS
Linda has been passionate about photography for many years. She enjoys experimenting with shutter speeds which enable her to capture the movement of the sea and the atmosphere of the landscape. She also enjoys experimenting with texture layers in Photoshop to create the ambiance she is trying to achieve. Although her main photographic interest is the landscape, she also enjoys capturing a diverse range of images, from still life to travel photography. Linda has awards and medals in many International Salons. She has exhibited in the UK and elsewhere and is an active member of the Royal Photographic Society.
8thTueTable Top Group St Lukes
10thThuReview of Intermediate Challenge Trophy entries
Martin Faiers
14thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
15thTueProjects Group St Lukes
17thThuMore...Introduction to Panoramic Photography
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies is a London-based photographer specialising in panoramic imagery, particularly the use of slitscan techniques. Not only has Gareth used several different cameras in his work, he has also built his own rotating panoramic camera! This promises to be a most interesting and unusual evening!
22ndTuePictorial GroupSt Lukes
24thThuPrint & PDI Analysis
Micki Ashton, CPAGB
December 2016
Date Day Event Venue
6thTueNature Group St Lukes
8thThuMember PresentationsKCC
12thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
January 2017
Date Day Event Venue
5thThuBest Print and PDI of 2016
Tim Morland ARPS
9thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
10thTueAwards & Distinctions Group St Lukes
12thThuMore...Feel the Land: Landscape Photography and Emotion
Astrid McGechan, LRPS
Astrid McGechan is a Landscape Photographer based in Surrey. Her work has been shown at exhibitions in the UK and Germany, and been published and sold in several countries. Astrid runs photo workshops in the UK and teaches photography at the Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames.
17thTuePost Processing Group St Lukes
19thThuMore...Wildlife through a lens
Tom Way
Tom is an award winning fine art wildlife photographer - most recently achieving success in European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015. His work is widely published and he is a contributor to BBC Wildlife Magazine. Tom exhibits his images around the UK in galleries and at art exhibitions. He photographs in the UK and overseas, but one of his greatest passions is Africa where he leads photo safaris in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda. Closer to home,Tom also works as a guide for the UK's leading photographic tour operator, Natures Images, for whom he leads photo holidays to many destinations. In 'Wildlife through a lens' Tom describes his adventures over the last few years, how he has gone from working in a gym to taking wildlife images around the world, and talks about the challenge of trying to compose a sellable image when looking through the lens.
24thTueMonochrome GroupSt Lukes
26thThuPDI Analysis
Desi Fontaine
February 2017
Date Day Event Venue
2ndThuPresident's EveningKCC
7thTueNature Group St Lukes
9thThuMore...A Professional approach to Outdoor Photography
Guy Edwardes
Guy Edwardes has been a professional landscape, nature and travel photographer for twenty years, having started after graduating with a Degree in Photography from Salisbury College. He is well known and highly respected in his field and has work regularly published worldwide with clients that include some of the top photography magazines, national newspapers, and international card and calendar publishers. Guy runs photographic workshops to some of the UK and Europe's most spectacular landscape and wildlife locations. He strives to capture subjects in new ways, using new techniques to produce a unique image. His talk 'A professional's approach to outdoor photography' includes over three hundred images which help illustrate some of the methods he uses to capture his favourite landscape and wildlife photographs. He will also touch on some of the techniques he uses in post-processing. His talk is all about tips and advice to help inspire us to get out there with our cameras and experiment for ourselves.
13thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
14thTueTable Top Group St Lukes
16thThuCritique Evening for MembersKCC
21stTueProjects Group St Lukes
23rdThuPrint Analysis
Bob Turner, FRPS
28thTuePictorial GroupSt Lukes
March 2017
Date Day Event Venue
7thTueNature Group St Lukes
9thThuReview of Open Challenge Trophy PDI entries
Marcus Scott-Taggart
14thTueTable Top Group St Lukes
13thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
16thThuMore...Sailing Photography through Time
Barry Pickthall
Barry Pickthall came last to RTPS in February 2011 and many members said afterwards that it was one of the best and most entertaining evenings they had experienced at the Society. So even if you are not a sailing enthusiast this is definitely one not to miss! Barry was the former Times yachting correspondent, and has been covering the international yachting stage for the past 4 decades from the Olympics to America's Cup and Round the World Races. He will talk about the latest techniques for getting spectacular shots of ocean going yachts and how these will be used to photograph the big race starting in 2018 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first solo non-stop circumnavigation of the world by Robin Knox Johnston in 1969.
21stTuePost Processing Group St Lukes
23rdThuMore...A Walk on the Wild Side
Saleel Tambe
As you will see if you visit his website, Saleel is a passionate photographer, traveller, wildlife conservationist, and author, as well as a performing musician. At the same time he manages to combine all this with his occupation as a full time IT and Telecoms professional. He has given talks, seminars and presentations at numerous events internationally and his work has been widely exhibited. He has co-authored two books and contributed images to several others.
28thTueMonochrome GroupSt Lukes
30thThuPDI Analysis
David Smith, LRPS
April 2017
Date Day Event Venue
4thTueNature Group St Lukes
6thThuMore...Optimising Photographs for Competition
Marcus Scott-Taggart
Marcus Scott-Taggart is a well-known and respected photographer and accredited SPA judge. He has visited RTPS 4 times in the past 6 years to judge our internal monthly and trophy competitions. This time he plays poacher turned gamekeeper with his talk on optimising photographs for competitions.
10thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
11thTueAwards & Distinctions Group St Lukes
13thThuMore...Foto-Synthesis On-Screen
Clive Haynes, FRPS & Martin Addison, FRPS
Martin and Clive have been active in photography for over 35 years and during that time have established a reputation for quality and entertaining presentations about the art and craft of photography. Their talk comes highly recommended by other photographic societies and probably the only reason they have not been to us before is the distance they have to travel to get to us. It's nigh impossible to summarise in just a few words what we can look forward to, so no attempt will be made here. Another one not to miss!
18thTueProjects Group St Lukes
20thThuMore...The Mind's Eye
Paul Sanders
Paul Sanders has been a professional photographer for over 30 years, beginning his career as a fashion and advertising photographer before moving into journalism as a picture editor, first at a major newspaper, and later at Reuters, before being appointed Picture Editor at The Times in 2004. In December 2011, after years of looking at 20,000 images every day, he left The Times to pursue his love of landscape photography. The use of long exposures is a favourite technique. He doesn't rely on Photoshop trickery to create his images; they are all made in camera with minimal adjustments to colour balance, exposure and contrast. If he has to spend more than five minutes sitting behind his computer editing, he says he gets bored! Paul has enjoyed giving talks at camera clubs around the country and we are delighted to welcome him to RTPS.
24thMonOpen Evening for Prospective New MembersVH
25thTuePictorial GroupSt Lukes
27thThuPrint Analysis
Darren Pullman
May 2017
Date Day Event Venue
2ndTueNature Group St Lukes
4thThuMore...My Journey in Photography Within Africa
Jason Wharam, DPAGB
Jason had a passion for African wildlife from a very young age. He became a Professional Safari Guide but before long, after watching his clients taking hundreds of pictures, he took up photography as way of capturing the beauty of what he was experiencing as a guide. He feels strongly about the protection of wildlife and the National Parks in which they live and eventually retired from guiding to concentrate on photography as a means to support this cause. Jason is an SPA judge but visits us on this day to share his images and experiences with us.
8thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
9thTueTable Top Group St Lukes
11thThuMore...Divine Light and Beyond
Clive Tanner, FRPS
Clive Tanner came to us in 2011 and impressed many with the quality of his architectural photography and especially his interiors of magnificent cathedrals and churches. Having started with a 5x4 view camera, Clive now uses a combination of tilt-shift lenses, HDR and detailed attention to every part of his images to produce his prints. Those who know his work say that the results must be seen to be believed.
16thTuePost Processing Group St Lukes
18thThuMore...Developing your Creativity
Adriaan van Heerden
Adrian van Heerden is an award winning international photographer with a passion for travel, wildlife and landscape. His numerous honours include, to mention just a few, a recent finalist in the USA Landscape Photographer of the Year and twice finalist in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year (2014 and 2015). Adriaan writes on wildlife photography, has had his pictures published in several magasines, and has exhibited in the UK and elsewhere.
23rdTueMonochrome GroupSt Lukes
25thThuPDI Analysis
Bob Webzell, ARPS
June 2017
Date Day Event Venue
1stThuReview of Open Challenge Trophy Prints
Richard Walton, FRPS, MPAGB, EFIAP
6thTueNature Group St Lukes
8thThuRTPS Members PresentationKCC
12thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
13thTueTable Top Group St Lukes
15thThuMore...Discovering Iceland, Polar Bears and Hump Back Whales
Martina Bennelick, ARPS
Some of you will have seen and admired the work of Martina Bennellick, perhaps as an exhibitor at one of the SPA biennial exhibitions in Guildford, or when collecting another prize at photographic competition! If so you will know how good she is as a photographer and will want to see more of her work. She is an intrepid traveller for her age and the enthusiasm with which she approaches her passion for photography puts all of us to shame! We are lucky to have persuaded her to come to us at RTPS.
20thTueProjects Group St Lukes
22ndThuMore...China - A Taste of the Orient
Micki Ashton, CPAGB
Micki Aston is a prominent figure in the world of photography. She works as a professional stock photographer and, while specializing in landscape photography, she will happily shoot any subject that she finds interesting. She has been widely published in a variety of books and other photographic publications, as well as having had her work regularly exhibited in the Cotswold Monochrome International Salon. She judges both inter-club and county competitions throughout southern England, as well as lecturing extensively on her travel photography. Go take a look at her work on her website...
27thTuePictorial GroupSt Lukes
29thThuPrint Analysis
Colin Southgate, FRPS DPAGB
September 2017
Date Day Event Venue
7thThuMore...My Life through a Lens
Viveca Koh, FRPS
Viveca is a self-taught Fine Art photographer, with a special fascination for small details, for lost, abandoned, poignant and generally broken objects, and for images where darkness contrasts with light. She often overlays multiple images together or adds textures or scanned documents as new layers, adding subtle shading to produce a final image that is more than a little bit different. In June 2014 she was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society, following on from an Associateship Distinction in June 2011 and a Licentiateship in 2010. Viveca last visited us in June 2014 and impressed us enormously with her work. We are delighted to have her back to find out more about what she's being doing since then!
11thMonStudio Portraiture GroupSHS
14thThuMore...Focussed Moments: Outdoor Photography
Rachael Talibart, LRPS
Rachael Talibart grew up on the South Coast and studied at Southampton University, so much of her early years were spent by the sea. This has left her with a life-long fascination for the ocean in all its forms, but especially in stormy weather. Although Rachael travels widely, she retains a special fondness for the South of England and many of her images are created there. For her, nothing beats a day on an empty shore, the wilder the weather the better, and this is reflected in her work. Rachael is co-founder of 'f11 Workshops', providing photography day tours and workshops in Surrey, Sussex and London. Her work has been published in books and in print and online magazines. She has been exhibited widely in the UK as well as Barcelona and New York, and her work appears in private collections internationally. Rachael last visited us in January 2016 as a judge and we welcome her now as a speaker.
21stThuMore...Commercial Creative Photography and Digital Art
Andrew Dobell
Creative Edge is run by Andrew Dobell, a Photographer and Artist based in Surrey. Andrew specializes in imaginative and dramatic Photography and Digital Art primarily creating cinematic composite images with his skilled use of Photoshop. Andrew has been working professionally within the photographic world since 2006, and has worked for a diverse range of clients, including Callaway Golf, Nurofen, Hilton Hotels and many more as a Photographer, Retoucher and Digital Artist. He was nominated for Photographer of the year, 2014 by the SWPP in the category of Digital Art Photography.
26thTueOpen Evening for Prospective New MembersVH
28thThuPDI Analysis
David Eastley, LRPS

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